Sébastien Ajavon’s lawyer calls on Patrice Talon to “revoke” her conviction

In an open letter to Beninese President Patrice Talon, Maître Antoine Vey, French lawyer for Sébastien Ajavon, one of the main opponents of the head of state, condemns the attacks on democracy and human rights in the country. of the force in place. He also demands that his client’s convictions be “revoked”.

“The conviction of Sébastien Ajavon must be revoked,” the lawyer said Sebastien Ajavon in an open letter to Patrice Talon. He believes that his client, Sébastien Ajavon, came third the most recent presidential election in 2016 with 23% of the vote, the goal of a political-court cabal after his sentence to 20 years in prison in October 2018 to prevent him from participating in the presidential election scheduled for April 2021. He also condemns the attacks on freedom and democracy in the country.

Almost all of Patrice Talon’s opponents have become mouthfuls.

Maître Antoine Vey, lawyer for Sébastien Ajavon

In November 2019, the state of Benin has been condemned of the African Court of Human and Human Rights (ACHPR) to pay Sébastien Ajavon EUR 60 million for the economic and moral damage caused by the businessman and the political opponent.


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