RHDP board meeting after internal tensions

Following the tensions that took place this weekend in several Ivorian localities during the election of the branch secretaries of the RHDP (Rally of Houphouëtists for Democracy and Peace), the governing party’s executive met on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 in Abidjan. The purpose of this meeting was to take stock of the situation in the ruling party.

as reported from Abidjan, Youn Gourlay

This Tuesday evening, the meeting lasted almost two hours at the RHDP headquarters, the leaders of the party gathered to prepare the detailed report on the tense elections of departmental secretaries of this weekend. An internal election was supposed to consolidate the party’s territorial network in the country, but due to disputes over electoral lists, the director of the RHDP postponed the vote ahead of the vote in five wards and suspended it in four others due to violence. Clashes also disrupted three other polls, such as in Kouto, where there were several minor injuries before the process resumed.

However, Mamadou Touré, deputy spokesman of the RHDP, believes that this election is a success: “In a process of internal democracy that many considered risky because many bet on the implosion of our party, in 114 administrative departments, the election went excellent and therefore we cannot talk about incidents even though we condemn this violence to call into question a process which in more than 90% of cases went well.Our opponents are quick to shout but we challenge them to organize such a process in itself, and I tell you that these parties will implode.”

The spokesperson added that the party would receive the various candidates and the leaders from the localities affected by the tensions to take appropriate measures.

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