Reynald Pedros won his first bet with Morocco

The Morocco team qualified for the Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand on July 13 in Rabat and beat Botswana 2-1 in the quarterfinals of the African Cup of Nations (CAN 2022). For his coach, the Frenchman Reynald Pedros, appointed at the end of 2020, the contract is largely fulfilled with this first World Cup, although the former midfielder does not intend to end there and hopes to qualify for the final on July 18. Nigeria.

From our Special Envoy to Morocco,

“Do I have the head of someone who already has his head in Australia and New Zealand?” Reynald Pedros, the coach of Morocco’s women’s national team, is as good at dribbling questions he does not like at a press conference as he was at getting rid of opponents’ defenders in the 1990s. The former midfielder in the FC Nantes and France teams (1993-1997) but knows what a World Cup represents, he could not taste the 1994 World Cup (elimination against Bulgaria) and especially 1998 (not selected).

Despite this, anyone who has converted to a women’s soccer coach since 2017 does not want to stop at the Moroccans’ historic qualifiers, after a 2-1 victory over Botswanato AFCON 2022. “It was a stage, he swept away, a few days before the semi-final against Nigeria. After the third group stage match, we never mentioned […] goes to the CAN semifinals to qualify for the World Cup. We simply prepared for this quarterfinal to win it. And to win it meant going to the World Cup.

Final or no CAN final, the fact remains that Pedros’ bet with Atlas Lionesses has largely already been won. The left-hander got everyone on the wrong foot by accepting the project presented by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) at the end of 2020, after still leading Olympique Lyonnais (OL) for two seasons, often considered the best women’s club. in the world. Morocco was then really 81st in the Fifa rankings and only the 8th African nation. “It can be surprising for people who do not know me, he explained to in February 2021. But I have no career plan. I’m not saying to myself that since I coached Lyon I just want teams at the same level. It would already be very complicated if I reasoned like that.

“Hanhas reached milestones as a coach and as a man»This sideline success no longer surprises his former Nantes teammate Japhet N’Doram. “Reynald has already proven himself. He had very good results everywhere he went. His retraining is therefore no longer a surprise to anyone,” the Chadian emphasizes.

Reynald Pedros shows – at least from the outside – a strong character. A personality that Japhet N’Doram imagined was incompatible with his current features. “It’s a job that requires a lot of patience, indulgence, tolerance,” explains the former number 10. When we played in Nantes, it was unbelievable to see him convert as a coach. […] Reynald was a passionate player who made demands on himself, not to mention the demands he made on those around him. But a man has the right to develop, grow and develop in all areas. Reynald has taken steps at these levels as a coach and as a man.

Raynald Denoueix, legendary coach of FC Nantes (1997-2001) and Real Sociedad (Spain), who coached Pedros, keeps the memory of a boy who is easy to handle and live with. A very nice to be around every day and very nice to deal with. train because he had great intelligence and great skill, he slips. I really have great memories of Reynald Pedros as a player. So that he then succeeded as a coach and as a consultant, it does not surprise me either. He has many qualities. He really knows how to listen too. And he has another form of intelligence which is to make himself understood, to be able to transmit ”.

“Our achievements reflect his lessons” The Moroccan players, they seem to be conquered. “He worked with the best and was named coach of the year in FIFA 2018. underlined Moroccan striker Rosella Ayane a few weeks ago. He won the Champions League [en tant que coach de l’OL, Ndlr] and himself he was international. With such records, he has a lot to teach me. Day after day, he insists on the qualities that make great professionals. I think our achievements reflect his lessons. ”

Raynald Denoueix concludes: “I am happy for his sake that it has been confirmed with this women’s team from Morocco. He deserves it. I hope it will go a little further. It would be nice for him, his team and Morocco if they win. something. “

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