release of 11 personalities arrested during the coup

The soldiers, who took power in Mali on August 18 before embarking on a transition to bring civilians back to power, announced on Wednesday the release of eleven civilian and military figures arrested during their coup.

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The first to return home was Boubou Cissé, the former Malian prime minister. According to a witness, he was quite good. Another civilian, Moussa Timbiné, former president of the National Assembly, who was also arrested since the August 18 coup, has been released. It was quite relieved that he returned home.

Stay available for justice

On the military side, among the nine senior officers regaining freedom, the former Minister of Security and Defense. They are now all free to move around. But an official press release specifies that the persons concerned are available for justice at all times.

CNSP News | # Release of detainees

The Vice-President of the Transition informs national and international public opinion about the enlargement today 07/10/2020 of political and military figures arrested following the events of 18 August 2020.

CNSP Official (@ CNSP20) October 7, 2020

On the occasion of the coup on August 18, the CNSP had arrested 18 officials from the former regime detained at the Kati military camp, the junta’s stronghold near Bamako. Gradual releases had already been implemented in recent weeks.

No detailed charges

This morning, a CNSP official stated that the eleven people released on Wednesday night were the last detained by the junta and that their release was total: no surveillance, no restraint. “They were all heard by the gendarmerie’s judicial investigation service,” this CNSP official told RFI, “now they are free and their cases have been sent to court. ”

Displacement of public funds, corruption: the military junta believes these former officials are responsible. The specific cases have not been detailed, that is the whole purpose of the hearings conducted in recent weeks by the Malian Gendarmerie. After initiating these investigations, the CNSP therefore entrusts the rest of the process to the prosecution to the Malian judicial system.

Since their out-of-court arrests, more and more voices, including human rights advocacy associations, have risen to demand release. The head of state of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, current president of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is expected this week in Bamako. Among other things, he must congratulate the local authorities on these releases.

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