record seizure of one and a half tonnes of smuggled ivory

The judicial authorities have seized almost one and a half tonnes of smuggled bones in recent days. Three suspected traffickers were arrested and transferred to Lubumbashi’s prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, May 18, after a season of nearly a ton and. This is one of the largest catches in the last ten years in Africa.

as reported from Lubumbashi, Denise Mahého

The seizure took place inside a hotel in Lubumbashi, testifies Me Sabin Mande, a member of the Natural Resources Network. This hotel would have been chosen as the delivery location. The 1,500 kilograms of ivory, packed in 18 bags, are kept for judicial inspection. This plug represents 80 to 100 elephants were killed for their grazingindicates with a shocked air this activist for environmental protection:

“When you look at the ivory, they are from adult elephants. Is it a massacre? Yes. But the problem is that if we could locate the zone of origin and determine the degree of poaching, I think we could easily see which is the most fragile zone when it applies to environmental crimes.

A total of five people were arrested, two of whom fled during questioning, says a legal source. According to her, the three prisoners, all Congolese, said they were simple carriers who knew neither the origin nor the destination of this ivory. The owners of the cargo would be the ones who escaped, they added. The origin and destination of this ivory are not yet known, but some NGOs believe that these elephant beetles come from countries in southern Africa.

The Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN) has not yet responded. But the seizure of these 1,500 kilograms of ivory is one of the largest seizures made on the African continent in the last ten years. The city of Lubumbashi is considered the hub of the illegal ivory trade.

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