pumping operations still in progress in the mine of

In Burkina Faso, pumping work continues at the underground mine in Perkoa. Still no news on the eight workers stranded after the April 16 flood. The water level drops but it is difficult to say when the aid will reach the level of the protection chamber where the miners will be.

With our special correspondent in Réo,Yaya Boudani

The machines run at full capacity, 24 hours a day. The water is discarded on the surface of the mine by millions of liters and the level drops, which gives Boukari Sabo, responsible for the technical team hope, as the team approaches the refuge chamber very slowly.

“The pumping per day is often a decency of 1 meter, often 2 meters. This is explained by the fact that we have galleries everywhere. The water comes from all the galleries where we took out the ores and so that is what makes it a bit difficult. The decency is not what we want but we hope that with the current pumping level which is around 3 million liters per day we can move on.

In some galleries, the water has given way to mud. She is searched from time to time by the rescuers. A team of divers from the national fire brigade is still waiting for the results of the water analysis, to be able to start research.

“Our dive will be used to actually see if the refuge where we hope to find the elements is still there, in the place where it should have been,” explains Lieutenant Sidi Stéphane Nana, deputy unit commander of the third company in the BNSP. is evacuated, even if we see people inside, we can not open to intervene.

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According to crisis committee officials, it is difficult to say when the water level will provide access to the protection chamber to see if the eight miners are there.

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