protests against high prices are escalating in Accra

In Ghana, a demonstration on the evening of June 28 degenerated. Twenty-nine people were arrested, according to authorities, after clashes between participants in the march and the police. The event was held in the center of the capital Accra. It was about protesting against inflation and in particular the rising price of petrol. But at the end of the day, the demonstration turned into a violent face-to-face confrontation with the police.

“We are hungry”, “the government has cheated us”, “we have to change the prices of goods and services”. Signs held up by protesters in Ghana’s capital, Accra, could not be clearer. Several politicians and civil society members joined the procession to condemn inflation and the government’s inaction in the face of rising prices.

According to activist Bernard Mornah, “ordinary Ghanaians are sinking deeper into poverty. We are suffering. But the authorities are not interested in the problem,” he said during the march. “This demonstration is necessary given the degree of frustration. The government must listen, “added Hamilton Biney, leader of the NDC party.

Tear gas Against Obra Spot in the city center, security forces began accusing protesters of throwing stones. After reinforcements arrived around 4.30pm, police tried to disperse the crowd with tear gas, causing panic. People fled, companies closed and authorities launched a wave of arrests.

“These people were arrested for their involvement in violence and attacks on police, civilians, including school children,” police said. According to Grace Ansah-Akrofi, “films have been seen, anyone identified as having participated in or incited the exaggerations will be arrested and brought to justice,” promised the head of public affairs. The organizers of the march are also wanted.

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