protest movement among PDCI youths

For months, the summit of Henri Konan Bédié’s PDCI has been crossed by clan battles and quarrels between people. In May, voices are heard from activists and youth organizations near the party, which have so far been silent, to express their dissatisfaction with the inertia of a party without any obvious strategy for the upcoming election.

as reported from Abidjan, Peter Pinto

Without ever taking it out Henri Konan Bedie, these activists, from associations and pro groups The Democratic Party of Côte d’Ivoire-African Democratic Assembly (PDCI) and which does not belong to the authorities, depicts a sclerotic party, absent from major national issues and without strategy. In their sights: PDCI governing bodies and their officials.

“We want to win 2025 (next presidential election, Editor’s note). We want a conquering, dynamic PDCI, ”concludes Germain Kassi, Deputy General Coordinator of Marée Verte, one of these pro PDCI organizations. “Those who tell President Bédié that he still has to be a candidate at 91 do not respect him,” he added.

Looking for a candidate for 2025 For them, the regular congress must be held, as planned, this year and allow a candidate to be nominated. “A candidate who can agree beyond our party. We can not win only with our traditional voters, says Germain Kassi. A certain number of names return: Billon, Tanoh, Thiam, Emmou, Yacé … But these names are also not exempt from any reproach, accused of having kept a “guilty silence” about this muttering.

Before the sling, on Monday 16 May, the urban JPDCI, one of the party’s three official youth organizations, issued a statement in which Henri Konan Bédié asked Henri Konan Bédié to pay attention to the “disputes that exist”, and called on the union and the holding of a congress in 2022 On Wednesday, at the end of an interview with the former head of state, its president, Valentin Kouassi, seemed to deny the allegations and accused them of “false bravery”. Meanwhile, party officials are silent for the time being. “We released the floor. Everyone expresses themselves”, concludes Germain Kassi for his part.

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