promises from Bamako to Nouakchott

After the death, on Malian territory, of Mauritanian citizens, victims of the Malian army, according to Mauritania, a delegation from the Malian junta went to the capital of Mauritania this weekend to try to calm things down.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

Mali is particularly committed to launching an investigation into this tragedy, investigations will be conducted by the gendarmerie, according to Bamako.

In addition, civilians are now banned from circulating in two forest areas near the border with Mauritania. According to a Malian military source, the ban on civilians circulating in the area of ​​these two forests will in particular nullify the plan for armed men who would mistakenly impersonate civilians.

Of the two forests currently closed to non-military traffic, Wagadou is the most important. It stretches for about 100 kilometers and is located in two Malian regions, Ségou and Mopti.

Another special feature, the Wagadou forest borders Mauritania. It is almost in the area that several civilians from Mauritania disappeared, two months after the deaths of seven other Mauritanian citizens.

On this occasion, the prosecutor at the military court in Bamako, on Sunday, March 13, announced the start of investigations conducted by the gendarmerie. In addition, the Malian government has already accepted the creation of a mixed commission of inquiry, consisting of Malians and Mauritanians, to highlight the tragic events.

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For observers, Mali, who has denied all responsibility for the death or disappearance of Mauritanian citizens, wants to give his neighbor proof of good faith and good will.

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