President Patrice Talon takes a first step towards his predecessor Boni Yayi


In Benin, a highlight of the Benin president’s national tour began on November 12 and is scheduled for one month. Patrice Talon said he wanted to be reconciled with his predecessor, Boni Yayi, who had become his fierce opponent. A statement in the northern part of the country, the fortress of the former head of state, during the first stage of this tour ended on Tuesday.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

Patrice Talon was one of the greatest architects during the arrival of Boni Yayi into force. Six years later, the two accomplices became enemies. Since then, things have not improved. After the legislative election, not 2019, ECOWAS tried in vain for a direct meeting between the two.

While opponents qualify their tour as a pre-campaign, Patrice Talon says the following about her predecessor: “Who does not know that President Boni Yayi and I are like little brother and big brother? What happened meant we lost this bond. My prayer is that this can really be a thing of the past. I would like to entrust this mission to you, the crowned heads, the wisdoms of Parakou so that we can be seen together as soon as possible. ”

No phone contact …

No response from Boni Yayi yet on this outstretched hand. On the other hand, his lieutenants spoke. They formulated several conditions, including the return of exiles and summons to a national dialogue.

According to our information, so far there has been no telephone contact between the two men or any designated mediators or active mediators in the shadows.

The head of state, still in the relaxation register, suggested that “the presidential election on April 11, 2021. will take place in all. If that happens, our elections in Benin will be celebrated again and we have won the commitment to political reform.


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