President Patrice Talon continues his excursion in

Patrice Talon is going on tour again. The trip to Benin started in mid-November is not over. He still has 17 major cities to complete the loop. The presidency of the republic is talking about a responsibility tour, the opposition condemns a pre-election campaign that is taking place with state funds and awaits a response to its preconditions for the presidential election on 11 April.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

According to his relatives, Patrice Talon has to go everywhere, he has no preferences and no municipality will be left behind. During the November-December phase, he visited 60 out of 77 cities. He has 17 left to complete the trip.

One last almost silent step. Only two municipalities among the 17 are controlled by FCBE, a so-called opposition party, but they are far from being rebellious and hostile cities.

The minutes do not provide for meetings, due to Covid-19, the head of state holds meetings in the room with elected officials, notables and development associations.

In November during the first part of the trip, Patrice Talon promised the opposition on April 11 an open presidential election and sponsorship now mandatory for their candidates.

In fact, the presidential camp has more than 95% of the elected officials who are authorized to give sponsorships. Since then, the opposition has been trying to figure out how it will be done? She has no answer yet. She rejects this trip, described as an election campaign, 3 months before the first round of the presidential election.

The 17 scheduled speeches by the President will be examined. Maybe Patrice Talon will come up with new announcements.


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