President Ouattara speaks during the RHDP’s political council


In Côte d’Ivoire, the RHDP, at the Mardisoir, held a political council to take stock of the election and the period that followed. Alassane Ouattara spoke with leaders of the ruling party, while the political climate is still tense.

with our correspondent in Abdijan, Pierre Pinto

Before Alassane Ouattara began his remarks, observed a minute’s silence in memory of the quote during the election. “Ivory Coast deserves better. The political class must learn from its behavior. ” He criticizes the opposition’s strategy for active boycott and civil disobedience and criticizes the fact that the Ivorians have been prevented from voting. “I’m upset!” he comments as he appeals to his activists for forgiveness.

Alassane Ouattara returned face-to-face with Henri Konan Bédié late on November 11 at the Hôtel du Golf, where the two men spent more than four months in solitary confinement during the 2010 crisis in 2011. “All a symbol,” he explained.

“If we have chosen the Hôtel du Golf, for anyone with ideas for a change, they can always dream: there will be no change in Côte d’Ivoire. Before 11 (editor’s remark in November), I instructed Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko to resume dialogue with the PDCI-RDA and the FPI, to allow them to resume their place. Because these are really the two parties, apart from the RHDP.

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We must remember what we have done together for the stability and development of our country. The troublemakers must be put aside. They will not bring anything to the Ivory Coast ”.

The “troublemakers” understand Guillaume Soro who is accused of having “promised a crossing sitting on the Seine beach”.

Finally, Alassane Ouattara is considering a delay in the choice of law scheduled for mid-December until the first quarter of next year, he said “to calm the climate”.

Since the announcement of his candidacy by Alassane Ouattara in early August, at least 85 people have been killed in political violence. If the Ouattara-Bédié meeting on November 11 helped to lower tensions, the opposition still has many activists and officials in prison, including PDCI number 2, Maurice Kakou Guikahué, and FPI president. legal, Pascal Affi N’guessan. Alassane Ouattara says he is ready to discuss with the PDCI and FPI, but not a transition.


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