President Kaboré victory (preliminary results)

Provisional national results:

Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, MPP – The People’s Movement for Progress: 57.87%, wins the election in the first round.

EddieKomboïgo, CDP – Congress for Democracy and Progress: 15.48%

Zéphirin Diabré, UPC – Union for Progress and Change: 12.46%

Kadré Désiré Ouedraogo, acting together: 3.36%

Tahirou Barry – Pairs: 2.19%

Ablasse Ouedraogo – Faso Other: 1.80%

Gilbert Noël Ouedraogo, ADF-RDA: 1.55%

Yacouba Isaac Zida, MPS: 1.52%

Abdoulaye Soma, the sun of the future: 1.41%

Ségui Ambroise Farama, OPF: 0.90%

Kiemdoro Do Pascal Sessouma, Vision Burkina: 0.70%

Yéli Monique Kam, MRB: 0.53%

Claude Aimé Tassembedo, independent: 0.23%


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