political tensions as parliamentary elections approach

In Senegal, a new call was launched to demonstrate on Wednesday, June 29, by the main opposition coalition, Yewwi Askan Wi. The political climate is tense ahead of the parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for 31 July and are causing concern.

as reported from Dakar,

For several weeks, political declarations and counter-declarations, sometimes violent, have followed one another between the main coalitions of power and the opposition. For these parliamentary elections, 165 seats are at stake as deputies. One party will be elected by a majority vote, on the ministry lists, another by a proportional vote, on the national lists. But the Constitutional Council withdrew the national list of holders of Yewwi Askan Wi. At the same time, he rejected the national list of replacements for the presidential coalition, Benno Bokk Yaakaar, for lack of parity.

Starting point: an error in the list of Yewwi Askan WiYewwi Askan Wi recognizes a “negligent mistake” in compiling the list, in which the same person was invested twice, as holder and replacement. Finally, the list of replacements is validated, but not the list of holders. Ousmane Sonko, mayor of Ziguinchor, is therefore excluded from the race. A “provocation” according to him.

On June 7, following a decision by the Constitutional Council, he attacked the seven wise men. “There are things we can no longer accept in this country. In the name of professional practice, we allow ourselves to trample on the law, to trample on the constitution and to put the country in insecurity. For what they did was a blatant violation of the law. There is no more justice in this country, ”he explains.

Ousmane Sonko came third in the most recent presidential election in 2019. He is a declared candidate for the 2024 election. Addressing a complaint of rape by Adji Sarr, a former employee of a massage parlor, he accuses the power of putting him under canes. the wheels by all means. And this time to stop him from running in the election. Accusations are denied by authorities.

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“The law is tough, but it is law” President Macky Sall was interviewed on our antenna on June 9 and said he relied on the election law. “If you make a list that does not respect what the law says, it is simply eliminated. We, we were eliminated from our national list of substitutes, simply because there was an error in the compilation, even if it was the same. But it is She’s tough, but it’s the law. “

The country’s two main political forces cling to their weapons and accuse each other of inciting tensions. In the face of the dead end, the leaders of civil society and representatives of religious leaders have repeatedly called for dialogue. Some voices have also called for the parliamentary elections to be postponed, to start the process from the beginning and thus take the time to organize peaceful elections. But for Aminata Touré, former prime minister and head of the ruling coalition’s national list Benno Bokk Yaakaar, the election must be held on July 31.

“This new form of politics through violence and violence was recently introduced in the field by Yewwi (Askan Wi). Democracy is not right for me alone, no! I think Senegalese democracy is quite strong, quite rooted. As the election approaches in Senegal, the mood is still a bit noisy, but I hope we will go to the polls normally, she tells RFI.

In the background the debate on a possible third term These legislative elections are the last vote before the next presidential election. Against the background of the nagging debate about a possible third candidacy for Macky Sall 2024, an issue that systematically comes up in political conversations. Asked several times about this question, the head of state always answered “neither yes nor no”.

The opposition urges its supporters to remain mobilized, the causes of discontent overlapping. Protesters express concern about the high cost of living, unemployment or poor governance, and the protest takes various forms: an authorized demonstration of thousands of people in Dakar on June 8, meetings – this time banned by the authorities administratively – on the 17th, or even a concert with pots and whistles on 22 June, before this new call for mobilization on Wednesday 29.

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Prohibited demonstrations and violence On June 17, clashes between protesters and police killed at least three people in Dakar and Casamance, in the south of the country. Several opposition leaders, including MPs Déthié Fall and Mame Diarra Fam, as well as Ahmed Aïdara, the new mayor of the city of Guédiawaye, were arrested for defying the demonstration ban. They were released on Monday, June 27. The administrative authorities had banned the recent rallies due to “threats to disrupt public order” and “violation of the electoral law”, which prohibits all “disguised propaganda” during the pre-campaign period.

In the midst of this settlement, the other political forces are trying to make their voices heard. A total of eight lists have been validated for the parliamentary elections: the Bokk Gis Gis / Liggey coalition, the Naataange ash wi coalition, the Alternative coalition for a Rupture Assembly, the Benno Bokk Yaakaar coalition, the Bunt Bi coalition, the Servants coalition, the Grand Senate coalition, and the Yewwi Askan WI coalition. The official campaign opens on July 10.

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