Police seize arsenal and explosives in Kano

Psychosis is on the rise in the city of Kano, in northern Nigeria, where police have just confirmed that they have tapped an arsenal and equipment that could be used to make a homemade bomb. This seizure took place on Thursday, a few days after an explosion that killed 9 people in the large Muslim city on Tuesday, May 17. Police said it was a gas explosion, but the unintentional cause was questioned by locals.

The suspect car was caught late on Thursday afternoon in the suburbs of the city of Kano, after a chase with the police.

Explosives, several automatic weapons and a large number of ammunition were seized from the car that came from the state of Jigawa, said one of Kano’s police chiefs on Saturday.

These revelations revive the suspicions about the real cause of the explosion that killed 9 people two days earlier in the big city in northern Nigeria. On Tuesday morning, May 17, a building was blown up near a school in a densely populated area of ​​the city.

Authorities quickly claimed that it was a gas cylinder that caused the explosion and the police also stated that one of the victims kept chemicals in his shop.

But this version was firmly challenged by those present on the spot, convinced that it was indeed a suicide attack.

The seizure of explosives that the police revealed this weekend has apparently revived the suspicions surrounding this tragedy.

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