pensioners complain about the misuse of their pensions


At least 39,000 Congolese pensioners are complaining about the misuse of their pensions by executives who have actually pushed for withholding tax on assets. They asked him on Thursday, November 19, 2020 to immediately find the solution to their situation with 28 months of unpaid arrears. Many of them can no longer meet the most basic needs.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loïcia Martial

At a mourning place where he came to help a distressed family, he put on a pair of shoes that apparently lost their shape. The man is in a difficult social situation.

“We are going through a difficult situation. We pull the devil by the tail. Without hiding it from you, I can not pay my electricity bill. I can not donate the food money either. I have my daughter who works. It is the latter that comes to our aid. Sometimes I embarrass myself. It’s not easy “.

Coordinator of associations of pensioners and the like, Alphonse Lebvoua, believes that pensions are not paid regularly because the rights of pensioners have simply been abused.

“Lack of payment of pensions means for us that the state has embezzled workers’ money since deductions are made from active workers who are to be paid into pension funds. We therefore condemn the misuse of 28-month pension deductions from active workers ”.

Contacted, an official source did not want to respond to the allegations made by retirees who claim that “when there is one, there is for everyone”, referring to the salaries of salaried employees paid monthly.


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