Patrice Talon’s outstretched hand to the opposition

Benin is preparing for the April 11 presidential election. Patrice Talon, who organized team elections without the opposition in 2019, this time promises an “inclusive vote” open to his opponents and promises to do everything to carry it out. But the opposition remains suspicious.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

Patrice Talon pulls like a ball the section of the 2019 legislative election organized without the opposition. He is regularly accused of locking everything in and rolling back Benin democracy. But he denies it about the future presidential election, scheduled for April 11, 2021, which he made this promise about, on tour.

“In the upcoming presidential election, they will all be present, the Cauris forces, the Democrats,” he said. We will do everything to ensure that the candidate goes to the polls, so that the poll is “inclusive”, so that we never fall back on what happened. “And Patrice Talon added:” I will do everything in my power power to ensure that other people’s candidates have their sponsorships. “

The “Democrats” appoint the future party created by former President Boni Yayi. “We do not believe in the words of the head of state,” Vice President Nourénou Atchadé reacted to the president’s commitment. valet. ”

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