Pastef fundraising revives debate on

Fundraiser hosted last weekend by Ousmane Sonkofs Pastef responded. In just a few hours, the opposition party raised more than 125 million CFA francs (almost 192,000 euros) to finance its political activities. But the Interior Ministry threatened it with dissolution because the law prohibits parties from receiving resources from abroad or from foreigners established in Senegal. This case restarts an old debate on the financing of political parties.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

Reminder of the legitimate law for some, intimidation of the opposition for others … The legislation of 1981, amended in 1989, should in principle make it possible to avoid covert financing and interference of foreign actors in life Politics.

But according to Maurice Soudieck Dione, no one respects this law. For the professor of political science at Gaston Berger University, the fundamental problem remains to be solved.

“By 31 January, each political party must submit accounts. This law is not respected on this point. In addition, the power parties that have succeeded each other regularly use a huge economic storm during the election without knowing where this money is coming from, which gives. And that is why everything suggests that it is a ruthlessness against the Pastef party. So the fundamental problem is the question of the functioning of the political system’s client list. ”

On social networks, Internet users have also repeated a video by Macky Sall, who at the time opposed the participation of external activists in the financing of his party, the RPA.

For their part, supporters of Pastef congratulate themselves public advertising for this crowdfunding campaign.


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