Ousmane Sonko’s remarks on the situation in Mali are

In Senegal, the support of Ousmane Sonko, one of the leaders of the opposition, for the president of the transition in Mali, Assimi Goïta, did not go unnoticed during his press release, where he announced his candidacy for the presidential election on Thursday, August 18. of February 2024. Words that provoked reactions.

as reported from Dakar,Thea Olivier

If he is elected President of the Republic, Ousmane Sonko announced Thursday, August 18, that he would not hesitate to “send troops to support” the Malian people and “to put an end to this conflagration”, referring to the jihadist groups spreading in the country.

An announcement that followed expressions of his support for Malian Transitional President Assimi Goïta, after accusing President Macky Sall of “repatriating the few Senegalese elements that were in the Malian theatre”.

These remarks prompted the Senegalese army to respond, indicating that it had not been disengaged but had carried out a “periodic relief of the committed contingents” within the framework of Minusma, a UN mission in Mali.

Pape Mahaw Diouf, spokesman for the Benno Bokk Yaakaar presidential coalition, believes it is “irresponsible to have presented Macky Sall and ECOWAS as acting against Mali” and accuses Ousmane Sonko of “attacking the image of Senegal on an international scale”.

The Senegalese Democratic Party, a member of the opposition intercoalition, for its part rejects any comment, but recalls its principles, that is, the union of African states, the freedom of the Malian people to choose its leaders and its right to live sovereignly in peace.

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