Organic cosmetics with Benin’s soul by Michael Guezodje

Today, cosmetics, shea butter and recognition with Kaël cosmetics. This is the story of a family dedicated to shea butter. Michaël Guezodje’s mother works with shea butter with ancestral knowledge and passed on her interest in shea butter to her son. With Kaël cosmetics, Michaël Guezodje combines the richness of nature and benefits with the effectiveness of dermatological formulas.

There is no business without creation, I think. In my case, creation is central, because even when we have a formula that exists, when we improve it, for me it is creation. Michael Guezodje, founder of Kaël cosmetics.

“I wanted a name that inspired shea, so I wanted there to be a K in the beginning, the K and the A. My first name is Michaël and here is Kaël, it’s quite simple and practical. »

Michael Guezodje, originally from Benin, arrives in France to attend a trade school. After his higher education, he worked in an insurance company, but he, who had always seen his mother work with shea butter, began researching this plant material. He discovers that the shea butter produced in Benin is one of the best in the world.Kael cosmetics was launched in 2015. The products offered are based on certified organic shea butter from women’s cooperatives in northern Benin, but the formulation is carried out in France.

“In terms of beauty products, France is recognized worldwide for being a reference country, in terms of quality, in terms of specifications. The infrastructures, laboratories in France are known all over the world for their quality and know-how. And I wanted to export high quality products. quality, without demands, and that they meet the consumer’s concrete needs, whoever he is. We work on types of needs or at least skin problems and not on skin colors. I’m not for ethnic marketing, it does not match my belief. “That’s why I initially chose to work with skin issues because the goal was to meet needs based on skin profiles and names to do ethnic marketing. My business is not activism, it is a choice to meet consumer needs in a pragmatic way.”

The French brand was born out of a desire to ship to as many people as possible this plant material with remarkable virtues.

“It is a butter that is colored, that is, it is not bleached, it is not flavored, it is not processed. It is in its most natural form possible and therefore it is difficult to utilize, to integrate into a formula. It has a scent that is very special and that is not very pleasant. It really takes a lot of manipulation to arrive at a formula that is acceptable to the consumer. We integrate small natural scents into each of the Kaël formulas that allow us to achieve an overall harmony in terms of results, but without distorting the product. , perfume it artificially I think the consumer, whether Asian, African or European, wants cosmetic care that is pleasant, that does not have an overwhelming or unpleasant odor. We want to put on our skin a product that is stylish, that makes you want to. I think it’s a universal problem. »

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