opposition mobilizations end

The last demonstration so far in the call of the Guinean opposition on Wednesday, November 25, was mobilized very little. The UFDG, the party of Cellou Dalein Diallo, a failed presidential candidate on October 18, continues to condemn “a choice”. Authorities believe that this failure proves the breathlessness of the protests, a month after the re-election, for a third term, of President Alpha Condé. What is it really?

The first reason for shortness of breath: lack of clarity in the last slogan, which did not explicitly mention the places and time of the opposition march. Difficult for activists to mobilize massively. Especially since the influential leaders who used to attract crowds are the subject of legal proceedings.

“Activists doubt that the party will be able to protect them in turn in the event of problems,” said an observer of political life.

Precariousness and inflation

Another explanation: citizens seem deterred by violence during the demonstrations. “With all the victims of these protests, people think this is a lost cause. Guineans prefer to concentrate on their economic activities “, states Dr. Hamidou Barry, teacher researcher.

For this economist, the uncertainty associated with inflation and the coronavirus has become a source of greater concern than the political crisis in Guinean’s eyes.

“The protest movement against the proposed third term began too early, there is a lack of steam,” explains the Fofana Cabinet, which in turn leads the Guinean Association of Political Sciences. There is a form of departure. The opposition has failed to keep its promises to its activists, namely to prevent a third term for Alpha Condé. ”

Listening: Cellou Dalein Diallo: “Our struggle is to liberate Alpha Condé”


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