opposition continually faces the “lock” of

In Benin, the Constitutional Court will not save the opposition in the crusade against sponsorships that only the ruling majority is able to muster today for the presidential election on April 11, 2021. The Constitutional Court declared itself “incompetent” yesterday in ruling on appeals from citizens and Opponents.Everyone is asking for this “lock” to be removed so that competition is really open.The nightmare of the non-inclusive legislative election in 2019 is still in the minds of people in Cotonou.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

The three formulated appeals prompted the Constitutional Court to declare the requirement of sponsorship for any candidate for presidential election inapplicable. In its decision of Thursday, January 7, the institution declared itself incompetent. It explains that it can not replace the deputies representing the people, touch or change the content of laws already considered to be in compliance.


The argument does not convince the judges who say they are disappointed but not surprised. For them and for the opposition, this parliament, which is the result of the non-inclusive legislative elections in 2019, does not represent the entire population. The court’s decision is without appeal and the forthcoming first round, a political solution is still possible, some observers believe.

Opposition meeting

On tour in the northern country, Benin’s head of state, Patrice Talon, declared yesterday: “Democrats will have the necessary sponsorship if they decide to go to the polls”. But he did not say how. One of his supporters makes sure there is no single candidacy and adds that Patrice Talon, his master, only needs 16 sponsorships out of more than 150. Following the Constitutional Court ruling, we learn that opposition must gather quickly.


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