opponent Sébastien Ajavon seizes the committee

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Beninese opponent Sébastien Ajavon has just approached the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva. The businessman was especially convicted in 2018 of cocaine trafficking. He has since been deported to France, where he has political refugee status.

Lawyers from Sebastien Ajavon request the annulment of this judgment and the adjournment of all proceedings against him. The requests of the African Human Rights Court in this direction have all been ignored by the state of Benin. In the field of view of the opponent the opportunity to participate in the presidential election next April. Submission of applications is scheduled between February 1st and 4th.

“There is the idea that he is involved in a race against time in relation to the constraints and barriers that have stood in his way at the legal level,” said one of Sébastien Ajavon’s lawyers, Maître Antoine Vey. We hope to have rapid investigations, perhaps preliminary measures and then, above all, some form of attitude from the international community to try to encourage Benin to respect the democratic process ”.

“Authoritarian operation”

“What is alarming is that Benin has always functioned as a democratic laboratory in the region, and that today, unfortunately, there is an authoritarian operation for which Mr. Ajavon is a victim,” he continues. In fact, this is what we are questioning, that is, the destruction of the rule of law in Benin by locking up the political process and all the measures that can be taken to try to unlock this political process, we will initiate them. And Mr Ajavon is determined in his desire to be able to compete in this election and in his desire to see this election freely, democratically and allow the people of Benin to freely choose their next president. “

The contact of the Journalist refused the Minister of Justice of Benin, Séverin Quenum, to comment on this case.

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