opening of polling stations for double voting


Nearly 6.5 million people in Burkina Faso are expected to vote on Sunday to elect both their new president and the entire National Assembly. They are thirteen candidates to run for the highest office, including the outgoing head of state Roch Marc Christian Kaboré.

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In a few hours, Ouagadougou has changed his face. Ended the campaign that ended Friday night, most of the posters have also been removed, until the day of the vote. A double vote in the program because voters must elect their president for the next five years among them the 13 candidates participating, but also the 127 deputies from the National Assembly.

Polling stations across the country open as early as six o’clock GMT time to welcome voters. A total of 21,155 material packages, including votes and minutes, were distributed. To organize these elections, the budget amounts to CFA 90 billion (EUR 13 million).

Security issues

On the ground, the police are being used extensively to secure the vote. The goal is to prevent attacks by jihadists who would try to disrupt election operations. Due to this unstable security situation, almost 6% of the polling stations in the country cannot open.

If the power on the ground is sure of the outcome of this first round, even going so far as to predict a knockout, the opposition has not said its last word. In addition, its leaders have already warned of the risk of “massive fraud”. “We are ready to lose the fair,” explains Zéphirin Diabré, “but we will not accept stealing the victory from us.”


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