On the front page: the sixtieth anniversary of true-false

It is today, at noon, that Emmanuel Macron in the Elysée Palace will give a speech which Le Parisien qualifies as much more of a “balancing act” than a ceasefire, the date of March 19, 1962 “remains subject to caution”, states this Having really recalled that the violence was triggered on both sides by the warring forces of the time and which, long after the said signature, bled Algeria, Parisians emphasizes that “returnees dispute this reference” to the Evian agreements.

So what could the head of state say? “Do not wait for the President of the Republic to say no to an official historical line or a history lesson, but a memorial,” specifies an adviser to the Elysée, according to which this ceremony will be placed under the stamp of “reconciliation” with a concern for an “extended hand “(which, approaching the French presidential election, Parisians considers to be “a challenge”).

Bad times for the oligarchsThe Russian oligarchs have something to worry about. To encourage his supporters, Vladimir Putin held a giant rally the day before yesterday in Moscow. In a stadium full of 80,000 seats, he did not have enough harsh words against those he condemned as “traitors” to the motherland. “When Putin makes Stalin,” Le Parisien puts it. Like others, this newspaper noted the Kremlin’s accusations against those who make up the “fifth column” in the West, these “people who are ready to sell their own mother to sit on the bench for the upper caste,” he deceived, condemning their desire to take part in the “destruction of Russia”. Parisians also pointed to Vladimir Putin’s allusion to a “natural and necessary self-purification of society”.

Ukraine, the price of warFaced with such threats, what should Westerners do? Referring to the price to pay for the war, Le Figaro warns. “From the Cold War to September 11, we have already seen the world crack the gap ‘with or against us,'” he says. “Ukraine’s unjust aggression must have a price that can make the warlord reason. But we must ensure that it does not become so high that it becomes a trigger for an escalation,” warns Le Figaro.

According to this newspaper, it is indeed a total economic and financial war that Vladimir Putin is facing today. “Deserved? Sure. But the very nature of the sanctions urges us to provide a way out for the person they are targeting,” he urges daily. “For the Kremlin, this means withdrawing troops from Ukraine,” he said. be careful, warn immediately Le Figaro“a Putin pushed to his limits, convinced that we want to ‘dislocate’ and ‘erase’ his country, to the point of waving his weapons of mass destruction, that is not the desired effect.”

Censored RFI, the Malian complaint And so these reactions in Mali, to the suspension of emissions from RFI and France 24. For security reasons, they were all collected on condition of anonymity. It is Le Figaro who publishes them, starting by pointing out that in Mali, “far from causing an outcry, the decision (to shut down our transmitters) got a cold reception”.

Upon request, the former editor-in-chief, whom Le Figaro portrays as “a press figure in Bamako”, speaks of a decision “obviously liberticidal and stupid”.

This reporter who works for a Malian newspaper regrets a “serious setback (…) in freedom of expression (…) But people take it very cold”, he adds in Le Figaro. According to this anonymous colleague, “today in remote regions of the capital such as Gao, RFI represents a real healthy fan, thanks to synchronization with other local radio stations. Those who will be deprived of information are our parents, those who are in these remote areas,” he said. he to this French newspaper.

As a daily newspaper also collected testimonies from an “entrepreneur from Timbuktu, in the north”, who emphasizes that “RFI has always held out its microphone to the authorities” and who believes that we “can not agree with a press organization’s editorial line”. , but it is not by keeping it quiet, or by hiding it, that we should raise the morale of the troops ”.

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