On the front page: no demonstration but noise …

This is the new strategy for the opposition in Senegal to ban demonstrations. It had already been implemented eight days ago. Yewwi Askan The Wi coalition is doing it again tonight: a pan concert! Hence this great title on the Walf Quotidien: “Yewwi brings out the tools”

And the Dakar newspaper clarified: “Ousmane Sonko and his comrades no longer intend to fight against the state, determined to prevent them from showing their anger in the square. They now want to stay home to make noise before going to the polls (end of July) to overrule President Macky Sall in the National Assembly. Vuvuzelas and vehicle horns are welcome. ”

“The purpose of this new initiative, the 24-hour daily points out, will be to show Macky Sall that he will lose the majority in the National Assembly on the evening of July 31, and stifle any desire for a third candidacy (in the presidential election).

The information page Dakar Newswonders: “In these pots, will Yewwi find enough quality food to satisfy his hunger? Mystery and chewing gum …”

Change of strategy – In any case, it is the relief in the press in the sub-region.

“The largest opposition coalition puts water in its bissap,” exclaims WakatSera in Burkina Faso. “To say the least, Yewwi Askan Wi has postponed the protests she had planned for yesterday Wednesday to a later date. Admittedly, it is far from having laid down its arms in its company to protest against the rejection of its national list that must lead the restless and popular the mayor of Ziguinchor, Ousmane Sonko, but who was rejected, is reminiscent of Burkinabè Square, as it was damaged by the presence of a candidate appointed as church leader and substitute for the same act. , who is responsible for the elections.

And “on the contrary, WakatSéra wonders, will the government also be able to put the ball down to protect peace in a country that needs it so much after the violence before the March 2021 election? At the moment, the Senegalese government’s only strategy was to ban marches and meetings, in capturing militants and preventing leaders from moving according to their will, this strategy has hardly been developed and could remain so until the election is held.Is the best way to give yourself every chance to have an acquired National Assembly to put an end to the opposition ?

“Democracy goes back in Senegal” Comment to read The world Africaby Senegalese historian Mamadou Diouf: “Democracy is falling back in Senegal.”

“This democracy is going through a serious degeneration,” he said. (…) Opponents today are reduced to asserting the same rights as forty years ago: to demonstrate, to have access to public media, to have guarantees of transparency in the organization of elections. Given the current climate of tension, if opposition leaders remain excluded from the July 31 parliamentary elections, it is to fear an explosion of violence.

Asked about Le Monde Afrique, “Are you worried about Senegal’s future?”, Mamadou Diouf replies: “Several neighboring countries – Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali – have experienced worrying political crises in recent years – military with the return of the coups, the intensification of violence between communities and the presence of jihadists.In Senegal we tend to believe in some form of exception, but this is an illusion.The country is not immune to these exaggerations, warns the historian. (…) Many Senegalese feel trapped and have nothing When I see all these students revising their lessons under the lampposts until late at night on the campus of the University of Dakar, it breaks my heart. The country offers them so few opportunities. What should they do with their future? Just like the state’s silence when three “People are dying in demonstrations, as was the case recently. To avoid a bloody confrontation between the regime and this exhausted section of the population,” concludes Mamadou Diouf, “dialogue is vital.

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