On the front page: Hissène Habré’s death

Many reactions in the Chadian and Senegalese press, of course, but also beyond …

“Former Chadian President Hissène Habré died in Dakar,” the headline said Journal of Chad. Hissène Habré bowed at the age of 79 in Senegal, where he served his sentence for the acts committed during his term of office. The former political military had ruled Chad with an iron fist between 1982 and 1990. In 2016, he was sentenced to life in prison by the extraordinary African chambers of Senegalese courts for: “crimes against humanity, torture, rape, sexual slavery and war crimes”. “

In place Tachad, to read this reaction by Jacqueline Moudeina, the Chadian lawyer who was invested in the file on the victims of Hissène Habré: “the fight continues, it confirms. We will observe a time for the handling of Hissène Habré’s death but we will return to the prosecution. “And the Chadian lawyer recalled that” the victims have still not been compensated, neither by the African Union, which has, however, set up a trust fund or by the Chadian state, but condemned (…). “

From dream to nightmare … “Hissène Habré, from dream to nightmare”, exclaims WalfQuotidien in Dakar. “There was a time when the former Chadian president for many Africans embodied opposition to French imperialism,” the Senegalese daily points out. But once in power, he was ruthless with his countrymen. “

Hissène Habré was still hailed by some … Witness this big headline in the daily 24 Heures, still in Senegal: “the African hero is dead”

Warning to the satraps At least let this death serve as a lesson for the autocrats, far too many on the continent … This is the message from several newspapers in the sub-region.

For the Sahel Tribune, “every death is truly a consolation for believers, but the fall of the great dictators must serve as a lesson in this world that is divided by the competition for interests, arrogance and lack of humility. In families, societies, nations, the most powerful see themselves as entitled to life and death over the weak. Decision-makers continue to violate the rights of their citizens. However, we forget that no one has real power on earth. ”

“What is happening today with Hissène Habré must give way to many satraps on the continent,” he added. The country in Burkina, who arrogant for themselves the right to life or death over their countrymen. For here is a man who ruled Chad with an iron fist but was eventually killed under the conditions we know, far from his family. This sad ending is strangely reminiscent of Mobutu, who after three decades of reign had been driven from power, like dirt, to take refuge in Morocco. “

It will be more difficult in the autumn … The former Chadian president therefore died in Dakar yesterday, after a Covid-19 infection, which was imprisoned. What inspires this comment to Young Africa : “For those whose extraordinary political-media career began thirty years ago with the kidnapping of a French hostage and the hanging of an officer sent by the former metropolis to negotiate his release, this end of the road is also expected to be doomed. About Hissène Habré in a past life has felt fame, he has no doubt forgotten that it is always measured by the means we use to acquire it. “

The fight continues for the victims Finally, one thing is for sure, emphasizes WakatSera, Hissène Habré’s death should not mark the end of the effects of the legal proceedings recommending compensation to the victims. The page can only be finally turned with the execution of this decision by the extraordinary African chambers, thanks to which the tortures of Hissène Habré should each benefit from a jackpot of at least 20 million CFA francs. Life has therefore stopped for Hissène Habré, but the struggle continues for the victims and their beneficiaries. ”


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