On the cover: Blaise Compaoré’s request for forgiveness at

“A step towards national reconciliation that comes late,” writes the daily The country in Burkina. “Blaise Compaoré came out of his silence about his responsibility in the murder of Thomas Sankara by making a stunning mea culpa, the newspaper notes, through a message read by the spokesman of the Burkinabè government.”

“By publicly making amends, the former president of Faso wanted to get rid of the weight of this dark past,” says Le Pays. “In this year 2022 desired by the authorities of the transition as the year of national reconciliation in Burkina, this approach of Blaise Compaoré is to be welcomed, especially since he does not ask for an apology, which on the one hand is etymological point of view excuses and puts out of guilt, but rather of forgiveness, which proves that he finally realized and accepted the prejudicial nature of the savagery that over-excited soldiers had carried out in his name and on his behalf on October 15, 1987”, concludes Le. Betaler.

Change of tone for The Observer: “In truth, regardless of the “road”, there is not the slightest possibility of remission. As long as Blaise Compaoré is not behind bars in a dungeon or hanging on a butcher’s hook, there will not be the slightest possibility of remission. Yet we must reach there one day to exorcise the demons of the past. How long will we continue to brood over these red-hot hatreds, which in reality even rot the lives of those who feed them?”, the newspaper wonders.

A sober lunch rather than a gala dinner in Yaoundé“As a sign of brotherhood, the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon wished to offer a sumptuous dinner to the French delegation as in the good old days of friendship between the two countries.” Instead, the French president chose a sober lunch. And it was the French president himself who opposed the gala dinner, according to the newspaper.

Emmanuel Macron has clearly indicated to his teams that there is no question of “showing that he maintains friendly ties with his Cameroonian counterpart”. “Do everything to keep it within the formal framework”, emphasized the services of Emmanuel Macron. “Yaoundé was only executed. It was take it or leave it,” he concluded.News Cameroon.

Emmanuel Macron arrived in Benin“A visit that looks set to remain without much enthusiasm”, observes The New Tribune. Without much enthusiasm within the Beninese political class and national opinion. Rather than a working visit, as it is called in formal usage, La Nouvelle Tribune believes this is a visit to warm up relations between his two countries, which have been cold for months.

“Might as well say it right away, it is a visit that will not be marked with a white stone in the annals of the contemporary history of these two countries. It will not be the great popular jubilation, as during the visits of François Hollande in 2015, Jacques Chirac in 1995 or François Mitterrand in 1983”, believes La Nouvelle Tribune.

In Senegal, the presidential election in 2024 is being played now“Senegalese will certainly elect their representatives next Sunday. The ruling alliance faces two opposition coalitions that have emerged recently, it writesAfrica 21 news site. But in addition to the race for the National Assembly, it is the presidential election in 2024 that will be played during this election. Although Macky Sall is not supposed to be able to run for a third term, a win for his side could push him to tempt fate,” Africa 21 concludes.

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