number of jihadist attacks in Tessit revised upwards

The toll from the attack, which took place in the Gao region, is now 42 Malian soldiers killed. This is the highest official toll for the Malian army since the series of attacks launched in late 2019 by the Islamic State group on military camps in this tri-border region.

Forty-two Malian soldiers. This is the new balance for the attack that took place on Sunday 7 August at a Malian military camp near Tessit in the Gao region. This new assessment was not communicated by the government, but derives from an official document with the names of the deceased soldiers.

The previous figure reported 17 soldiers and 4 civilians killed, as well as 9 soldiers missing. The jihadists had apparently infiltrated the Malian army camp before attacking. And they left with a large amount of military equipment.

This attack comes as Mali has faced a resurgence of attacks by jihadist groups for several weeks. It is also the deadliest attack attributed to these groups against Malian forces since 2019.

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