not less than 3 infantrymen killed by means of jihadists

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A double jihadist attack in central Mali against a camp and a position from the Malian army took place very early this Sunday, January 24th. A helicopter from Mali intervened. During the clashes, at least three Malian soldiers and five jihadists were killed. Other warlords were wounded.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

About 90 kilometers separates the Malian locality Boulikessi from Mondoro, in the center of the country. In the first there is a military camp and in the second a military position. Contrary to these targets, the jihadists carried out a double surprise attack very early on Sunday, according to concordant sources.

As usual, they rode motorcycles (a few dozen) and seemed to have valuable information. However, the army called in one of its helicopters, according to civilians who testified.

On the balance side, in addition to the army’s losses, bodies have also been identified that are presented as terrorists. Two-wheeled vehicles belonging to them were also destroyed.

The wounded from the regular army were transported at noon Sunday to the Malian site of Sévaré, according to a medical source.

In central Mali, the Mondoro-Boulikessi axis is somewhat regarded as the “road to death”. In addition to the attacks on regular army positions, the jihadists lay mines there. This week, three soldiers were killed by these explosive devices as well as the jihadists themselves for “mismanagement of mines”.

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