Nigerian Sunday Adeyemo Igboho now

Activist Sunday Adeyemo Igboho is in pre-trial detention; the freedom judge has issued a decision to place him on Monday night during a commitment decision in a prison in Benin. Surprise, the crimes have changed. He is now being prosecuted “for criminal associations preparing to commit crimes in Benin”. And yet his country Nigeria accused him of “arms trade, which demanded rebellion and undermined security”.

with our correspondent in Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

While he was being prosecuted for acts he allegedly committed in his country Nigeria, Mr. Sunday now for “criminal association that prepared to commit crimes on the territory of Benin”.

The surprise of his lawyers. They show that the separatist only stayed in Benin for 24 hours before being arrested, too short a time to create or join a criminal association.

According to our information, the judge explained to justify his order that the facts are serious and that the activist gave no guarantee of representation.

He came closest to the worst, rejoicing at one of his lawyers, happy to see that his client does not land in a Nigerian prison at the end of a marathon day. The verdict came just before midnight.

Although Nigeria has requested extradition, there is no request in the proceedings. Abuja did so in confidence.

Before the judges, Mr Sunday, defenders testified in favor of a Yoruba ban in this language. For his supporters, Sunday Igboho is a defender of the Yoruba people’s rights against the Fulani shepherds. For his opponents, he advocates racial hatred. In Cotonou, his followers, many and very noisy, invaded the courthouse and then in the evening emptied the premises on the orders of the police.

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