Nigeria: launched fifty hostages

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In Nigeria, 53 passengers in a bus that was kidnapped just over a week ago in the state of Niger, in the center of the country, were released on Sunday night. On the other hand, the 42 hostages captured in the village of Kagara last Wednesday are still in the hands of their captors.

From our correspondent in Lagos, Liza Fabbian

There were at least “twenty” hostages. Eventually, 53 people were released Sunday night, just a week after their kidnapping.

The victims, hungry and exhausted, were received shortly before midnight by the local governor, Abubakar Sani-Bello. He said in a statement that the authorities had used “a week of dialogue, consultations, hard work and sleepless nights to get their release as soon as possible.”

According to the Nigerian press, 20 women, 24 men and 9 children have been released. These hostages had appeared in a video in which the kidnappers, armed with machine guns and a rocket launcher, demanded a ransom of 1 million euros. The authorities had certainly rejected this market.

On Sunday, the governor of the state of Niger clarified that 42 people including 27 students, kidnapped in Kagara last Wednesday, is still not released. Negotiations are underway and they are well underway, according to local authorities.


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