new life certificate for Olivier Dubois, hostage in the Sahel

An undated video with Olivier Dubois has been circulating on social networks since Sunday. Malian sources claim that it seems genuine. In the video of about one minute, the French journalist who was abducted on April 8, 2021 in Gao addresses his relatives and the French government.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

“My name is Olivier Dubois, kidnapped on April 8, 2021 in Gao by the Islam and Muslim support group. In voice and face it would be the French journalist Olivier Dubois. The video is not dated, but several Malian sources who are very familiar with the cases related to the kidnapping of the hostage, confirms that it seems very authentic.In one minute and nine seconds, Olivier Dubois delivers several messages.Most important: evidence of life.

He talks to the mother of his children from whom he received pictures sent by him. He also addresses his parents. Messages from those he receives through RFI are a real healthy breath. The location where the video was recorded is not specified. It would probably be in a desert area because he has a blue turban around his neck and while talking in front of the camera he chases a fly or two out of sight.

In the video that is now circulating extensively on social networks, the French hostage is also addressing the French government. A classic process whose goal is to speed up negotiations on his release.

Olivier Dubois is the only French hostage in the world since the release in October 2020 of Sophie Pétronin, who had also been kidnapped in Mali.

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