more than ten soldiers killed during two consecutive attacks in the center of the country

A military position in Sokoura, in the circle of Bankass, “was the subject of a terrorist attack” from Monday night to Tuesday, said the army, which reports a preliminary death toll of “nine dead” and wounded in its ranks “. A reinforcement sent to the scene then fell Tuesday morning into an ambush that left “three dead, ten wounded” and missing, according to the statement.

as reported from Bamako,

The Malian army faced two attacks. First, that of his camp in the center of the country, a few dozen kilometers from the border with Burkina Faso.

On the spot, the attackers, qualified as “terrorists” according to official terminology, arrived on foot and in vehicles. They would have benefited from local participation. An elected official from a nearby locality speaks of “heard powerful shots”.

Nine Malian soldiers were initially killed in the camp. A reinforcement of the regular army was then quickly sent to the site. But he was ambushed not far from a small bridge, the Parou Bridge, which lies between the towns of Bandiaraga and Bankass.

From an independent source, the army lost three men on the spot. The attackers also suffered heavy losses as at least nine fighters were killed and two of their vehicles destroyed.

On the same road, still between the towns of Bandiagara and Bankass, a bus with civilian ambush was stopped by the suspected jihadists. Double passengers including two women and a child were killed immediately.

This Tuesday afternoon, a new reinforcement of the army was sent to the field. The goal is to quickly secure the attacked camp.