massive appointment of soldiers at the head of the region

Following the new regional division, the number of Malian regions will increase from 15 to 20. At that time, 13 soldiers close to Assimi Goïta, the vice president in charge of defense and security issues and junta strongman, were appointed instead of civilians to govern most regions.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

Until then, they were only five soldiers of the fifteen governors in regions ofMali. But with the new regional division, there are now thirteen soldiers and seven civilians for the twenty regions.

Vice-President of the Transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta, responsible for security and defense issues, and Malia’s Minister of Territorial Administration – his comrade in promotion – had the upper hand over these appointments.

Apply the new defense policy

In Mali, the regional governor is the representative of the central government. He is a key person in the country. In Gao and Taoudeni, two regions in the north of the country, or in Mopti, in the center, soldiers are at the head of the regions.

According to a close friend of the Vice President, these appointments are intended to implement the new defense and security strategy for the Malian people.

In the ranks of the local political class, these appointments are already causing teeth. The same reaction from the human rights defenders, who recall that the name of a new governor appointed appears in a recent UN report to “make dubious decisions”, during a planned relocation of parts of the UN. Malia’s army in the north, end of 2019.


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