Mansour Faye refuses to explain the management of emergency food aid


In Senegal, many comment on Monday 28 September following a statement by the Minister of Social Development and Social Justice. Mansour Faye, also the president’s brother-in-law, was responsible for purchasing and distributing emergency food aid during the Covid-19 pandemic. Support of DKK 69 billion FCFA (more than 105 million euros). Accused of mismanagement, he says he will not respond to a possible call from Ofnac, the national anti-fraud and corruption office.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte idrac

“Everything took place according to the rules of art,” the minister assures. “The contracts were signed in due form, there is no conflict of interest”. Mansour Faye defended the management of emergency aid on RFM radio on Sunday.

However, the National Anti-Fraud Office has received two complaints about the lack of transparency surrounding the process, in particular the award of transport contracts: one from the FRAPP / France Dégage movement, the other from the president of the opposition FDS, Dr Babacar Diop.

But Mansour Faye does not intend to be held responsible. “These complaints I followed them through the media. I was not summoned. If Ofnac summoned me, I would not go. Because Ofnac has no calling, no competence to convene a minister. If officials from the ministry are summoned, there is no problem, but I as a minister will not respond to a summons from Ofnac. ”

Ofnac, for its part, refers to the law establishing the office. The text indicates that it can hear “any person” alleged to have participated in fraud or corruption in the course of its investigation. This attitude therefore strengthens suspicion in public opinion. But Minister Mansour Faye does not intend to justify himself to the Force Covid-19 Fund Monitoring Committee set up to assess the support provided to businesses and households affected by the pandemic. “It’s a monitoring committee,” he explains, “not an audit committee.”


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