Malians in France shared support for the authorities

A demonstration in support of the transitional authorities took place on Friday 13 May in the afternoon in Independence Square in Bamako, at the initiative of organizations close to the government. Several thousand people were present. Even in France, associations in the Malian diaspora had called for meetings, especially in Paris.

An invitation to demonstrate in Paris had also been launched by organizations supporting the Malian transitional authorities. Hundreds of people gathered in Place de la République with the same slogan as in Bamako: “Operation Hope”, in support of FAMA, Malian armed forces, the termination of ECOWA’s policy, the Algiers Agreement and to demand the CFA franc.

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Coulibaly Ramata Maïga, M5-RFP Coordinator in France, Prime Minister Choguel Maïga’s movement, explains at the microphone of Francois Mazetfrom the Africa editorial office, why it is important to support the Malian transitional authorities: “I come from the north, from Gao, and I am in contact with my family who say to me: ‘today there is really hope'”.

We no longer want presidents or leaders with remote-controlled boots, our colonels are legitimate, it is the people who wanted a system change.

Coulibaly Ramata Maïga: “We too, Africans, Malays, we have the right to peace, happiness, tranquility”

But some slogans and demands are not consistent among the diaspora. The president of the Association of Malians in Montreuil, Lassana Niakate, is contacted by phone by Eric Chaurin from the French service, declares itself to support “without ambiguity” the Malian armed force but does not join other demands such as withdrawal from francCFA or from ECOWAS.

There has been a partnership between Mali and France since independence … today we must work intelligently so that every people, every country can benefit from it

Lassana Niakate: “The Prime Minister himself said that Mali will not be able to leave the CFA franc and ECOWAS”

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