Malian civil society in full reflection on the reconstruction of the country

In Bamako, the two-day Refoundation ended at the Mali Round Table on Saturday. This initiative from personalities in civil society gathered within the group of reflections of analysis and innovative initiatives (grains). Tried to find options for renewal of governance in Mali.

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as reported from Bamako,

Without a detour, Ousmane Sy, former Malian minister and specialist in decentralization issues, sets the stage. “Our crises are management crises. We have states that everyone bypasses, that no one respects, he insists. But a state is responsible for governing society, and if a state is incapable of governing society, we need to understand why. ”

Redesign of texts

Suddenly, we now have to change software, rebuild the state, and that requires urgent action. This is especially what Habib Ouane, former Malian energy minister and international consultant, suggests: “We need to revise the texts that govern the election and the functioning of the political community. It is also necessary to ensure that the education and health systems that have hitherto been subject to thorough reforms. ”

The participants called for a successful transition in Mali. An opportunity to look at the first steps of the junta. Mossadeck Bally, a member of Grain, wonders about the junta’s political agenda: “The average Malian citizen is still worried. We have seen with what difficulties the Charter was published. Finally, we ask ourselves what is the agenda. He adds, like others, that the birth of a 4th republic is necessary to rebuild the new Mali.

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