Mali accuses the French army of espionage and

Malian government spokesman Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga issued a press release on Tuesday (April 26) accusing the French army of espionage and subversion. Since the beginning of the year, the Transitional Government has noted more than 50 intentional cases of violations of Malian airspace, in particular by the French armed forces.

“All overflight of Malian airspace is subject to a permit issued by the Air Force,” explains Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga. But according to the Malian authorities, this rule is regularly broken. In particular, they deplore the falsification of flight documents, the landing of helicopters outside airports and the flight of aircraft or intelligence drones, in order to “carry out activities that are considered espionage.”

And it is precisely for this reason that they accuse the French army. On April 21, videos taken the day before by a drone, above the Gossi base recently transferred to the Malian army, will be broadcast. These photos show, according to the French General Staff, Russian mercenaries burying bodies and filming to accuse France of war crimes.

“The French forces committed subversion by publishing false images mounted from the ground up,” the Malian government spokesman explained. Malian authorities said during the week last week that they had discovered a mass grave near the Gossil camp. On Tuesday, the public prosecutor announced that an investigation is being launched.

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