M5-RFP, big loser of the new government?

Following the announcement on Monday of the transitional government in Mali, the M5 met on Tuesday. While the military has been assigned key positions, the protest movement against IBK does not feel represented.

Two days later the message about the Malian government which will lead the transition to the election in a year and a half, and where the soldiers of the CNSP, the junta, which took power on 18 August, arrogant to key positions, the M5-RFP seems to be the big loser of this government.

“M5 as an organization is not represented by the transitional government. No member of this government can claim to belong to the M5-RFP, ”said Maître Mountaga Tall, one of the political leaders of the M5 interviewed by the RFI.

However, some new ministers belong to organizations that are members of the M5-RFP, such as Mohamed Salia Touré, in the CMAS of Imam Mahmoud Dicko. “They retain their freedom as individuals, but that does not mean that they represent the M5-RFP in this government as a structure. We believe that change is happening with women and men dedicated to change, and the best posture would have been for CNSP and M5-RFP to come together. Of course, along with other political and social forces, to lead the change to the restoration of Mali. It was not like that, ”says Master Mountaga Tall.

The M5-RFP, the coalition that led the popular protest before the military coup, therefore met on Tuesday night to define an official common position. Some of its members, especially from civil society, do not support and will support the transitional government.

Others are more bitter, but the choice was not to oppose this government. “We still feel responsible for the smooth running of the transition. For certain reasons, we will determine our position later, but we are not in a logic to block the transition, on the contrary, we want even more than before its success “, concludes the political leader.


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