M5-RFP asks for explanations after the assault

In Mali, civil society and the political class are reacting to the events in Bounti.

January 3 at an air strike had affected this locality in the center of the country and claimed about thirty victims. The Malian Ministry of Defense and the French operation Barkhane explained in a press release on January 8 that French fighter jets had neutralized a group of terrorists from Katiba Serma.

Fuzzy details

A Fulani association, Jeunesse Tabital Pulaaku, has claimed since January 4 that civilians attending a wedding have been affected. Today, the details of this event are unclear. And the political movement M5-RFP (Movement of June 5 – Rally of Patriotic Forces) is asking the Malian government for clarification.

“You have conflicting versions, the one from the French army and those on social networks,” said Choguel Maïga, president of the M5-RFP strategic committee. After the investigations and especially if it is connected with the operation, our government must tell the truth to the Malian people. In any case, the Mali government has an obligation to ensure the safety of its citizens. In many regions, however, the people are often attacked, villagers are released to pay taxes, and when they turn to the administration, representatives of the state, there is no answer ”.

“Tell the truth”

“The Malian government is committed to telling Malians the truth about all events and ensuring that painters do not just subscribe to versions of foreign governments and social networks,” he continues. This is not acceptable. Now that it looks like there are investigations that will be conducted here and there, we are awaiting the continuation of these investigations here, but we are still extremely aware of everything that is happening in our country ”.

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