look back on an evening of counting

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Nearly 6.5 million voters were called to vote in Burkina Faso for a double legislative and presidential election. A voting day that mostly took place peacefully despite a tense security context. Now the country is waiting for the results while the bill began as soon as the offices were closed. Report at the polling station at Saint-Joseph High School in Ouaga1, south of the capital.

From our special correspondent in Ouagadougou,

18.00 in Burkina Faso, voting rights are finished and it is the office managers who lift behind. According to the minutes, they are the last to put their ballots into the ballot box and they deal with the two votes to be counted: the presidential election and the legislature.

“We are going to start with the presidential election,” the president of office number 7 in the center of Saint-Joseph High School in Ouaga 1 explains.

And while the doors to the room are closed, which is against the rules, a Ceni official sticks his head out and comes to call for order. “Yes, you have to leave everything open, here it is public, it is a transparent process. Everyone has the right to come and see what happens, it is important. So I, my mission is to call to order so that everything is legal. ”

After the incident, Abasse, one of those responsible, takes matters into his own hands. The decision is made to first sort the votes by candidate and then count them. And it goes fast, very fast too. In a few minutes, the 96 votes are counted and counted. An efficiency that the office president is happy with: “Yes, it’s fast, it’s good, everything’s going well.”

Vigilant delegates and observers

The points are noted on the large board in the classroom and then registered on the results sheet. All under the attention of the candidates’ delegates. There are several in the room and represent five of the thirteen candidates participating. “We look at every bulletin,” explains Elie, the MPP delegate, the party in power. We really need to be careful that everything is done as fairly as possible for our candidate. “The voting continues and everything is going well, Elie has no complaints. Same story for the CDP delegate, one of the opposition parties: “It is over and everything is ready. There are no difficulties. ”

At the entrance to the observatory, the citizens are there to also check that the vote is correct. “We are independent observers, we are the people and we are there to see the bill. It’s important, I want to be sure that my vote will be taken into account. We need this vigilance, said Abdul.

It is over for the presidential election, the polling station then goes to the legislative election and despite the 88 political movements vying for the vote for this constituency, their method of counting has once again proved effective. In a few minutes, the results will be ready. Office number 7 therefore went without incident at the end of the bill. It remains for all those responsible to sign the minutes, to seal the envelopes and take them to the municipal center for a first compilation.


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