lethal attack on a security post 50 kilometers from

A post from Mali’s security forces located about fifty kilometers from Bamako on the axis leading to the city of Ségou (RN6) was attacked on the night between Thursday 14 and Friday 15 July. At least six civilians, police and gendarmes were killed. Others are still missing.

According to one of the surviving police officers, the attack was carried out after reconstructing facts by “professionals”. Three hours before the incident, a vehicle arrived in front of Zantiguila’s security and checkpoint. The driver simulated an accident to better check the condition of the premises and the forces available.

When the heavily armed attackers then went ashore, they were on familiar ground: targeted shootings, premises belonging to the FDS attacked. Panic enters the stage fairly quickly. At least six civilians and members of the dressed corps were killed. There are also injuries. On Friday, in the early afternoon, civilians and soldiers were still missing after the attack.

A rare attack in this area This attack, which took place about 50 km from Bamako, worries observers. FSD positions in Mali are quite common in the north, in the middle, but rarely so close to the capital. According to our information, it was decided on Friday, after a meeting with the army headquarters in Bamako, to send reinforcements to Zantiguila, the site of the attack.

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