Legislative in Senegal: overview of the outsiders

Last straight line in the campaign for the parliamentary elections on July 31 in Senegal. Eight lists are in competition. The main coalitions of the majority – Benno Bokk Yaakaar – and the opposition – Yewwi Askan Wi / Wallu Senegal – are on the front of the stage. But we will also have to reckon with the outsiders.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

The National Assembly, Pape Diop knows it well, as he was president of the institution between 2002 and 2007. Formerly close to President Abdoulaye Wade, former mayor of Dakar, he is head of the national list of his coalition, Bokk Gis Gis Ligguey. Unlucky candidate for the capital’s mayor in January last year, he goes alone again.

Another course for Pape Djibril Fall. The journalist and columnist, at the head of the “Tjenere / MPR” coalition, launches an election for the first time. “He wants to get out of the bipolarization of political life”, “he knows the concerns of the young” says a supporter.

For his part, Bunt Bi, although a member of the presidential coalition, presents himself under his own banner. Its president, El Hadj Ibrahima Mbow, leads the national list. Among its priorities: the industrialization and modernization of the administration.

Finally the Naataangue Askan Wi coalition. Its national list is led by religious leader Sheikh Alassane Sène, but the formation is weakened by internal divisions.

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