Laurent Gbagbo completed the formalities to obtain a diplomatic passport

Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagboa, according to several sources, completed the formalities in Belgium on Monday to obtain a diplomatic passport.

Following statements by President Alassane Ouattara on RFI and France 24, who, a few days before the presidential election, had confirmed that he was in favor of the delivery of a passport, this approach could restart this procedure, launched in July, with a view to its possible return in Ivory Coast.

A mobile team from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs made the trip to Brussels to carry out this administrative process. According to a diplomatic source, this took place on Monday morning at 10 o’clock in a large hotel in the Belgian capital.

Laurent Gbagbo was accompanied by his wife Nady Bamba and his personal lawyer, a source said.

“No delivery date for the passport has been announced”

His fingerprints were taken. As well as documents that are useful for this procedure. Technically, this is a recruitment.

If Abidjan ensures that the establishment of the diplomatic passport can take a few days, the former president’s entourage will remain more cautious. “No delivery date for the passport has been announced,” states a relative. “Everything has already been done since July, nothing justifies such long delays,” continues this source, who notes, however, that this time Laurent Gbagbo received a receipt confirming the request for renewal of his passport.


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