justice acquits two accused of attempt

Malian justice acquits two people accused of conspiracy against the state, but their four co-defendants are still charged and all six remain in prison. This is not about the coup attempt that Bamako says it interrupted in May: no more information has been communicated about this deal. This file dates back to September for the first arrests, November for the official indictments, and concerns in particular a former Secretary-General of Mali’s Presidency and a former head of the intelligence service.

The decision of the court in Municipality VI in Bamako is from June 17, but the parties were not notified until the beginning of the week.

the old Secretary-General of the Presidency of Mali Kalilou Doumbia and the former police commissioner of the city of Kayes Moustapha Diakité frias. But not their four co-defendants, including the former head of state security, Colonel-Major Kassoum Goïta: they remain accused of “attempted conspiracy” against the government.

Note the reclassification of the charges: all were initially charged with “attempted assault and conspiracy”. The investigating judge therefore still blames the defendants for having agreed, but no longer for having planned a specific action with the aim of overthrowing the government.

A decision in accordance with the prosecution’s requisitions, according to the defense lawyers’ information. The prosecutor at the CommuneVI court did not follow up on the question from RFI.

But four days later, on June 21, the Attorney General appealed to the Bamako Court of Appeal. An act for which the prosecutor, together with RFI, does not want to explain the motives at this stage. But this means that the six co-defendants all remain in custody. No date has been set for the examination of their case after appeal.

In the same proceedings, the defense lawyers had brought an action for annulment: some of the defendants were arrested and then detained outside any legal proceedings for two months. And confessions are alleged to have been extracted from them during torture sessionsparticularly cruel according to the association Human Rights Watch in a report published in December last year.

Their lawyers therefore considered the proceeding illegal. At the beginning of the month, the request for cancellation was rejected, again without any justification being given so far.

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