journalist Carlos Kétohou nonetheless detained, his

The editor of the Togolese weekly “Indépendant Express” Carlos Kétohou is still being held on the premises of the Central Service for Criminal Research and Investigations (SRCIC). Carlos Kétohou had a summons to which he was to respond the next morning. He was arrested overnight and taken to the gendarmerie’s anti-gang brigade. Since the controversy swells in this way to address citizens.

as reported from Lomé, Peter Sassou Dogbé

Carlos Kétohou spent New Year’s Eve, his third night, in the premises of the gendarmerie’s central research and criminal investigation department. According to public prosecutor Blaise Essolizam Poyodi, Carlos Kétohou is being questioned by the gendarmerie in response to an article he published on the front page of his December 29 newspaper.

He was arrested overnight Tuesday when he had a call from SRCIC to which he was to respond the next day. An arrest condemned by press organizations, civil society and political parties. The Togolese part of the Union for the French-speaking press is indignant at the method. The Togolese Media Observatory and several professional and trade union media organizations criticize in a joint statement the role of armed night owls in the arrest of the director of the publication, a role outside the legal framework, and demand release.

Political parties are not left out. The National Alliance for Change condemns the government’s stated desire to nurture the private press, political parties and civil society organizations through intimidation; Synergie-Togo believes that this arrest without a warrant constitutes a serious violation of the journalist’s rights.


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