Jnim gives his version of the massacres on Moura and

The Jnim, affiliated with AQIM, has just released a video of Katiba Macina’s leader, Hamadoun Koufa, his group of fighters working in central Mali. Hamadoun Koufa mainly talks about the operation carried out by the Malian army in Moura, near Djenné, at the end of March. Jnim also published a specific written statement about the Diallassagou massacre, which took place just a week ago in the Bandiagara region.

This time, his beard, usually red with henna, is as black as his cheche. Hamadoun Kouffa rejects the version of the Malian army according to which the Fama would have killed 203 people, all jihadists, in Moura. The leader of Katiba Macina assures that there were only 30 combatants in the village that day and accuses the Malian soldiers, as well as their Russian accomplices, named Wagner, of killing hundreds of civilians.

Hamadoun Kouffa also cites other joint operations of the Malian army and Wagner in Macina or Arabanda.

This propaganda video (actually two, one in Arabic, the other in Fulani) was authenticated and translated by the Menastream Research Center, a specialist in security issues and jihadist groups in the Sahel.

No deaths in Diallassagou, says JnimThe Jnim also published a written press release on its official channel Az-Zallaqa, this time about the attack on Diallassagou, circle of Bankass. That was eight days ago. 132 civilians were killed, the Malian government said, more than a hundred according to the UN, but none according to Jnim, who claim that they have only targeted individuals who collaborated with the Malian army during patrols that had led to summary executions.

Local sources see it as a way for Jnim to try to compensate for it: “Such a massacre jeopardizes their strategy of seducing the population, sums up one of them, so they try to justify themselves … and to play, one again, on divisions between communities. . ”

Encourage restraint in the circle of Bankass

The Diallassagou attack violated the local peace agreement reached last year: leJnim, a jihadist group linked to AQIM, confirms in a video that it wanted to respond to operations by the Malian army during which abuses are alleged to have been committed (see above). The army systematically denies all allegations of abuse.

In any case, these recent events threaten to rekindle tensions between societies: traditional dozo hunters against jihadists, the Dogon community against the Fulani community, shortcuts and amalgams are fast and exploited by the various parties.

The citizens of the Bankass district are also appealing for restraint to avoid a cycle of bloody reprisals. Moumouni Guindo is the chairman of the Association for the Development of Séno Bankass (Adeseba), which brings together residents of the Bankass district.

We urge our parents to be restrained, calm and, above all, to avoid the temptation of revenge, retaliation, retaliation and anything else that could further destroy the social structure. We appeal to all communities in the circle of Bankass without distinction, and we ask them to resist the temptation to split, to make the efforts necessary to overcome these unfortunate events and to continue living as before. There are individuals in our sector from other places, who belong to different terrorist tendencies, who occupy or search the premises and who commit abuses. This is likely to contradict the one and the other because the one and the other accuse each other mutually. We ask all communities, all people, to be vigilant and avoid falling into the trap.

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