“InTouch”, jack-of-all-trades of digital payment

Fintech InTouch was created in 2014 in Senegal and has become one of the pan-African leaders in the acceptance of payments and distribution of digital services. It offers a single payment platform that enables merchants and companies to accept all means of payment. Now present in ten countries on the African continent, it wants to support the boom in the digitalisation of services and democratize financial assets in Africa while banking rates remain low. A rapidly growing start that has just increased its capital with the signing of a new partnership with the French multinational distribution group, CFAO. Portrait of this Senegalese company full of ambition with our Dakar correspondent, Théa Ollivier

from our correspondent in Dakar,

On the corner of a sandy street in Dakar, a multi-service store sells computer equipment and offers money transfers. Behind the counter, Mame Diara has her mobile phone in her hand to perform all operations on a single platform, Intouch, which she has used for two years.

The only downside according to Mame Diara: the aggregator does not offer Wave, one of the most used mobile payment platforms in Senegal with its competitor Orange Money

But the services offered are calm, reassures Sassoum Niang, product director for the start-up. In addition to the one-stop shops in ten countries, other services are offered: an internet platform allows you to pay your bills, buy credit or make money transfers online … For companies and merchants, InTouch offers a service that makes mass payments to mobile numbers or accounts. “

In total, Intouch has 35,000 independent retailers and multi-services, 1,000 corporate customers such as Bolloré or KFC restaurants … and 1,400 Total Stations.

And the business continues to expand, says Salla Niang, commercial manager for the Intouch group. “Fintech is reimbursed by receiving a commission on the transaction flow …”; its revenue is then counted in “millions of euros”, she assures without wanting to be more precise.

The outlook is therefore ambitious, especially as a capital injection was made in July last year by the CFAO Group, with the re-employment of the historical partners Total Énergies and Worldline.

Satisfaction with Omar Cissé, CEO of Intouch Group Alexis Madrange, CEO of CFAO Technologies Senegal welcomes this strategic partnership. CFAO Technologies is already using Intouch’s services … and another subsidiary should be launched next September.


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