international experts are beginning to revise the electoral roll

A mission of independent international experts began a revision of the electoral roll on Tuesday, October 13th. Implemented by the International Organization for La Francophonie, the expert team will work with other experts recognized by the African Union, the EU and the UN system.

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The mission of the experts is to ensure that the case does not contain fictitious voters or multiple registrations, so that the next election can take place on the basis of an undeniable file.

The political class wants to ensure that all Burkinabès registered in the case are registered only once and will only vote once. This revision of the election register of independent experts, requested by the opposition and supported by the parties with the majority of the president, follows an observation during the registration process.

“When we saw the security forces conduct operations that made it possible to seize convoys of people who came to report to places where they did not live, we assumed that there could be pharmacies somewhere that are double stated, ”explains Zéphirin Diabré, leader of the opposition.

The team of international experts deployed by the International Organization of Francophonie is screening the file. According to election expert Cyril Kulenovic, this revision will affect all aspects of the electoral register. “The legal framework, the regulatory framework, the operations, the recruitment of staff, their selection and the sanctions that may be imposed will be discussed. Of course, operational and logistical issues will also be addressed. ”

For the Minister for Territorial Administration, Siméon Sawadogo, this revision is an important step towards transparent elections. “We wanted the November 22, 2020 election to be transparent, fair and that we can have results that cannot be questioned by all parties.”

The Technical Committee responsible for reviewing the electoral roll includes members of civil society, the ruling majority parties and the opposition.